Information, that we collect automatically, when using the Ramer Group LTD websites:

We (and a third party service provider on behalf of us) use cookies and other tools( for example analytic web tools and pixel markers), in order to automatically collect information about you, while using the Ramer Group  LTD websites, by the terms of this Policy for confidentiality and the applied legislation.

The types of data, collected automatically include:

  • Information about the browser you use
  • Details about the websites you have reviewed
  • Your IP address
  • Hyperlinks you have clicked on
  • Your Username, gender, networks and every other information, that you decide to share, when using websited of third parties( for example, when using “Like” functionality of Facebook or +1 functionality of Google+)
  • Websites that you have visited before going to a Ramer Group LTD website.

 (Called together “Information about website use”)


Most Internet browsers are set to accept “cookies”. You could change your settings, in order to block the cookies or set them to warn you, whenever cookies are sent to your device. If you use different browsers or many devices, you may need to change the settings for each browser of each device. Please take into account the fact, that if you block the cookies, that could affect your surfing on the Ramer Group LTD websites.

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