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Ramer Group Ltd has been on the market since 1991. Since then till now we passed through two changes of the registration name <> ET Schweik Express 7 <> Schweik Express Ltd <> Ramer Group LTD.

The activities that we have dealt I the beginning are related to autos. Belts, spark plugs, ignition wires, tires for cars and trucks. In 2004 we registered our subsidiary Furtunuri Group in Romania. Currently both companies are performing identical activities.


If you want to share with us any ideas or comments we will carefully listen to you. If you ask us, we will try to answer your question. We know that there is always something more to learn. Today there are separate departments with independent consultants who will be happy to listen and help you.


Hoses and fittings we are selling since 2001. Gradually increase the range and today we can meet every need for hose, no matter for what purposes it will be used and the material it should be made of. We are offering fittings for hydraulic and industrial hoses. On the website Dexyflex.eu you can find more hydraulic valves, quick couplings, fittings, protective sleeves, clamps, agro hoses with fittings, pressure gauges and pneumatics.


In early 2010 we had opened our first Workshop Dexyflex in Veliko Tarnovo. In 2012 had worked a second Dexyflex workshop in Sliven. Our general task is always to offer solutions to each customer. We had learned a lot and achieved very good positions on the market. Today the Workshops are frequented by customers from different cities, lot of them are our regular customers.

"Dexyflex" is a trademark owned by Ramer Group.


We sold doormats StepMat in Bulgaria since 2004 and from the beginning of 2006 in Romania. The doormats were manufactured in Bulgaria. Exceptions were rarely ordered models. They were not used as a production, there was a lack of the necessary materials and therefore they were made in the Czech Republic from our partners. This partnership had a long history and proven trust. Recently we had increased the range with rubber mats, anti-slip strips and dielectric rugs. For the past years on the Bulgarian and Romanian market were sold doormats to multiple customers.

"Stepmat" was a trademark owned by the Ramer Group until the end of 2023.



We set a goal to share with you the information and knowledge gained from practice and would be happy if at least we can we help you a little.