DexyFlex is a reserved trademark, of the company with 14 years experience in the sale of hoses and fittings for every application in the industry. The products we are offering have proven quality, they are manufactured by approved companies with tradition and experience!

Below you will find the main categories hoses on the respective application.





 Water hoses

Маркуч за въздух

Air hoses

Маркуч за горива

Fuel hoses

Маркуч за каналопочистване



Sewer cleaning hoses


Chemical hoses


Food hoses

Steam and hot water hoses


Abrasion hoses


 Concrete hoses


Hoses for vehicles


 Gas hoses

PVC hoses

Polyurethane hoses

Metal hoses

Thermoplastic hoses


PTFE (teflon) hoses

Composite hoses


Silicone hoses



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