How do we use your personal data?

We can use your personal data:


  • To improve our products and website design of the websites of Ramer Group LTD: Learn more

We can use your personal data for:

  • Evaluation of the use of the websites of Ramer Group LTD , products and services
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of our advertisements and promotions
  • Personalizing your surfing experience of our websites, also to evaluate (anonymously and in an aggregate) statistically the activity of the website, also the time of visiting, if you visited it, or if you visited it beforehand and which website sent you there.
  • To make the Ramer Group LTD websites easier to use, more adaptive to your interests and preferences
  • To accelerate our future activities and work of the Ramer Group LTD websites. For example, one website could recognize that you have already offered personal data and it won’t ask for the same information again.
  • Collection of information about the device you use, in order to review the Ramer Group LTD websites, for example your IP address or the type of Internet browser or the operational system, that you use and to connect this with your personal data, in order to grant that each website of Ramer Group LTD presents the best web experience for yourselves.
  • To contact you regarding the products and services, that might be of interest to you, in case you gave us your consent for this or before this you asked for a product or a service from us and the communication matters or is related to this preliminary request and is made within the time limitations, set by the applied laws. Learn more.


We can use your personal information:


  • To present products and services (including such from third parties), that we consider would be of interest to you
  • To offer the opportunity to take part in sales and promotions


You can deny the receipt of messages from us at any time. All direct marketing communications that we send to you will provide the information and means, required to deny receipt.

  • To provide products and services that you request from us. Learn more.


We could use your personal information:

  • For sales and promotion that you may take part in
  • To forward information about products and samples, that interested you
  • To answer your inquiries and feedback


In order to protect the information from accidental or purposeful cancellation, while erasing the information, we may not erase automatically leftover copies from the servers or not remove the information from the archiving systems.

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